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Face Time Mural, Berlin – Various & Gould Royalty Free Stock Photo
Face Time Mural, Berlin. A mural on 350 m² Royalty Free Stock Photo
Face Time Mural, Berlin – Various & Gould
Face Time’ Mural, Berlin – Various & Gould July 2015 Graffiti art Heinrich-Heine-Str. 73, Berlin-Kreuzberg near Annen straße Berlin, Germany Face Time Mural, Berlin The portrait, composed of patchwork faces, is part of the series Face Time, which the artist duo Various & Gould describe as a character study in the form of collaged, photofit-like heads. The aim is the creation of Dadaist patchwork identities, which undermine the common beau ideal and celebrate human diversity. The 350 square metre mural was developed in consultation with the Berlin architectural office that is responsible for constructing a new housing estate in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Such collaborations are generally not viewed uncritically in the graffiti scene, since they have little in common with its basic idea of re-appropriating urban space. The artists, however, who have taken up socially relevant issues in their work, had a free hand in designing the picture, in contrast to graffiti artists who implement stipulated commissions by clients. Location: Heinrich-Heine-Str. 73, Berlin-Kreuzberg

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