ethiopian old woman threshing grain harvest

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Ethiopian Old woman threshing grain harvest Royalty Free Stock Photo
Old woman and man threshing grain harvest Royalty Free Stock Photo
Ethiopian women separate chaff from the grain Royalty Free Stock Photo
Ethiopian Old woman threshing grain harvest
Ethiopia, district Oromiya, village Chancho Gaba Robi: these Oromo senior woman and man of largest Ethiopian ethnic group, are after the cows have done the grain threshing working the chaff from the weat. These small farmers, peasants, growing, farming mainly the most important grain in Ethiopia, namely teff. If the harvest remain succesful is questionable, because large parts of the country have been affected by prolonged droughts, failed harvests, water shortage and famine, due to climate change, global warming. (c) 2021. All stock photos are provided by Dreamstime and are copyrighted by their respective owners.