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Aggregate Stockpile at concrete mixing plant Royalty Free Stock Photo
AGGREGATE STORAGE BIN Royalty Free Stock Photo
Gravel aggregate seamless background Royalty Free Stock Photo
Grass separated from aggregate Royalty Free Stock Photo
Aggregate Quarry in Ecuador  840220 Royalty Free Stock Photo
Grey wall made of marble aggregate with small crumbs, close up view Royalty Free Stock Photo
Texture of the exposed aggregate finish flooring Royalty Free Stock Photo
Aggregate / gravel pattern - a heap of coarse gray stones, crushed at a stone pit
Aggregate Quarry in Ecuador  840211 Royalty Free Stock Photo
Aggregate Quarry in Ecuador  840172 Royalty Free Stock Photo
Detailed macro of ears of sedge species (Carex flava aggregate) Royalty Free Stock Photo
Chalcedony mineral gemstone pattern texture fine-crystalline dickite-quartz aggregate, beautiful red white brown Royalty Free Stock Photo
Jasper mineral stone texture pattern macro view. Aggregate of microgranular quartz and chalcedony, green color gemstone Royalty Free Stock Photo
Small basalt stones aggregate stack background material for construction industry Royalty Free Stock Photo
Before and after polished concrete exposed aggregate Royalty Free Stock Photo
A closeup of a pile of loose rough stones taken at a stone pit. The gravel / grit has been crushed to similar sizes but irregular shapes to be used as construction aggregate and for stone baskets. The rocks are glauconite sandstone which is mostly gray with a slight blue or yellow color tone. The coarse stones and the uneven surface create an abstract pattern which is well usable for backgrounds and textures, resembling solid even being loose. (c) 2020. All stock photos are provided by Dreamstime and are copyrighted by their respective owners.