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Calder sculpture in Grand Rapids Royalty Free Stock Photo
Statue of Venus de Milo. Creative concept colorful neon image with ancient greek sculpture Venus or Aphrodite head Royalty Free Stock Photo
Horse Sculpture Royalty Free Stock Photo
High contrast photo of a Greek sculpture Royalty Free Stock Photo
Marble head of young woman, ancient Greek goddess bust. Sculpture executed in accordance with modern standards of beauty Royalty Free Stock Photo
The Pieta Sculpture Royalty Free Stock Photo
Chinese New Year Dragon Decoration on white background.Chinese sculpture designs.Dragon head. Happy New Year. Dragon Decoration on Royalty Free Stock Photo
'Singing Ringing Tree' Singing Sculpture. Burnley, Lancashire UK
Ancient sculpture Discobolus Royalty Free Stock Photo
Roman marble sculpture in Florence, Italy Royalty Free Stock Photo
Historic sculpture of ancient greek soldier within Brandenburg G Royalty Free Stock Photo
Mother and daughter excited before the Eagle Sculpture by Alexander Calder, Olympic Sculpture Park Royalty Free Stock Photo
Sculptor creates a bust and puts his hands clay on the skeleton of the sculpture. Royalty Free Stock Photo
Plaster head, antique sculpture for learning to draw. Standing on a stool on a white background. Royalty Free Stock Photo
Charging Bull sculpture in New York City Royalty Free Stock Photo
The Singing Ringing Tree; a wind powered sound sculpture overlooking the town of Burnley in Lancashire, UK. As the the wind blows through the tubes notes of many different octaves are produced. (c) 2021. All stock photos are provided by Dreamstime and are copyrighted by their respective owners.