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European White Stork Royalty Free Stock Photo
Ring Royalty Free Stock Photo
Storks in the nest Royalty Free Stock Photo
Two Storks in the nest Royalty Free Stock Photo
Stork on foraging Royalty Free Stock Photo
A couple of storks on the nest in blue sky
Stork on foraging Royalty Free Stock Photo
Stork on foraging Royalty Free Stock Photo
Micky and Minnie Mouse in the Swarovski Xmas-Exhibition Royalty Free Stock Photo
Netherlands, province Overijssel, village Wijhe: during springtime returns the migratory stork [Circonia Circonia] back to a Dutch nest. This large white bird with black wing border, has red legs and beak. The stork lives not monogamous, but it is a monogamous breeder. This pair of storks has spring fever and builds, building, a storks nest on a tall pole, with large branches, they want to settle. Sitting on the nest. On a sunny day, spring day, with a cloudless, bright, blue sky, these animals are enjoying the spring sunshine, the beautiful, warm spring weather. (c) 2020. All stock photos are provided by Dreamstime and are copyrighted by their respective owners.