kebabche and ketchup

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Kebabche and ketchup Royalty Free Stock Photo
Kebapcheta and ketchup Royalty Free Stock Photo
Kebabche and ketchup
Kebabche and ketchup Kebabche is ground minced meat with spices, a cylindrical shape and grilled. It is typical for the Bulgarian and Serbian cuisine. Traditionally kebapchetata be prepared from a mixture of ground pork and beef and spices (black pepper, cumin, salt). It may be used only pork and even lamb rare. Once mixed, minced meat is left to stay 24 hours. Of transmitted properly kebapchetata cylindrical shape weighing 35-70 grams. Consumed hot with gaskets. (c) 2018. All stock photos are provided by Dreamstime and are copyrighted by their respective owners.